Our research is focused in computational systems and synthetic biology.

We use mathematical modelling, simulation and optimization to understand complex biological systems and processes.
Current research topics include:

  • Reverse engineering: systems identification of biological networks
  • Forward engineering: computer-aided design in synthetic biology
  • Optimality principles in biological systems
  • Dynamics and optimal control of biosystems
  • Current projects

    We are currently involved in the following research projects:

  • [CANPATHPRO] A platform for predictive cancer pathway modelling. funded by the EU H2020 ITN project ref. 675585. CanPathPro Web
  • [SYMBIOSYS] Systematic models for biological systems engineering training network. Marie-Curie ITN Network, funded by the EU H2020 ITN project ref. 675585. SymBioSys Web
  • [SYNBIOCONTROL] Design, characterization and optimal tuning of synthetic biocircuits for bioproduction with control of the metabolic load. Funded by the Spanish Gov., MINECO project ref. DPI2017-82896-C2-2-R.
  • [SYNBIOFACTORY] Synthetic biology to improve bioprocesses: design, optimization, monitoring and control. Funded by the Spanish Gov., MINECO project ref. DPI2014-55276-C5-2-R.
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    Recently completed projects

  • BIOPREDYN] From data to models: new bioinformatics methods and tools for data-driven predictive dynamic modelling in biotechnological applications. Funded by EU FP7, project ref. 289434. BioPreDyn Web
  • [NICHE] Network for integrated cellular homeostasis. Marie-Curie ITN Network, funded by EU FP7, project ref. 289384. NICHEs Web
  • [BASYSBIO] Towards an understanding of dynamic transcriptional regulation at global scale in bacteria: a systems biology approach. Funded by EU FP6, project ref. 037469. BaSysBio Web
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    Other research activities

    Julio R. Banga is a member of:

  • the IFAC's Technical Committee on BioSystems and BioProcesses
  • the Editorial Board of BMC Systems Biology
  • the Editorial Board of Processes
  • the former Spanish Systems Biology Network
    1. Julio R. Banga. Bioprocess Engineering Group, IIM-CSIC, Eduardo Cabello 6, 36208 Vigo, Spain

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