ssmgo  SSm GO toolbox 

SSm GO - a toolbox for global optimization in Matlab using scatter search


Back in 2008 we performed a comparison of the solvers in the SSm GO toolbox with other optimization methods considering 3 problems of parameter estimation in nonlinear dynamic biological systems.

SSm GO outperformed all the other optimization methods available in the Systems Biology Toolbox 2, including simulated annealing, SRES, Differential Evolution, several implementations of particle swarm optimization, CMA-ES, etc.

This comparison was done in collaboration with Henning Schmidt (the author of the Systems Biology Toolbox 2) and was presented at ICSB 2008:

EGEA JA, SCHMIDT H, BANGA JR. (2008) A new tool for parameter estimation in nonlinear dynamic biological systems using global optimization. 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, ICSB 2008, Göteborg (Sweden), 22-28 August 2008.
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Please see the poster above above for more details.

If you want to reproduce these results, or adapt our scripts to perform your own evaluations, you will need to:
- have Matlab 7.5 or later (note: 32 bits version) under a Windows operating system
- download and install SSmGO toolbox from
- download and install the Systems Biology Toolbox 2 from, making sure it works
- and then email us ( ) requesting the comparison scripts

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