Research Profile and Publications (2005-2010)


Mathematical modelling, simulation, optimization and control of bioprocesses


The main overall objective of this research line is to improve the efficiency of bioprocesses via systems engineering methods. These methods are based on a model-driven systemic approach, i.e. they make extensive use of mathematical models and simulation, optimization and control methods and tools (software).


The ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency of these processes and the quality and safety of their products, reducing energy and water consumption and environmental impact.


There are two main blocks of objectives:


1. methods: to develop robust and efficient methods and tools (software) for the multi-scale mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization, monitoring and control of bioprocesses


2. applications: to apply these methods and tools to real processes and systems of clear interest, such as industrial processes of high economic importance (food and biotechnological sectors), and relevant biosystems associated with them (systems biology of microorganisms)




Papers in Journals


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Papers in Journals (2005-2009)




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