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The software toolbox is described in:

  • G Szederkényi, J R Banga and A A Alonso. CRNreals: a toolbox for distinguishability and identifiability analysis of biochemical reaction networks. BIOINFORMATICS, in press (2012)

The techniques applied in the toolbox are documented in the following papers:

  • G Szederkényi, K M Hangos, Z Tuza. Finding Weakly Reversible Realizations of Chemical Reaction Networks Using Optimization. MATCH-COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL AND IN COMPUTER CHEMISTRY 67:(1) pp. 193-212. (2012)
  • G Szederkényi, J R Banga, A A Alonso. Inference of complex biological networks: distinguishability issues and optimization-based solutions. BMC SYSTEMS BIOLOGY 5: p. 177. Paper 10.1186/1752-0509-5-177. (2011)
  • G Szederkényi, K M Hangos, T Péni. Maximal and Minimal Realizations of Reaction Kinetic Systems: Computation and Properties. MATCH-COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL AND IN COMPUTER CHEMISTRY 65:(2) pp. 309-332. (2011
  • G Szederkényi, K M Hangos. Finding complex balanced and detailed balanced realizations of chemical reaction networks. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL CHEMISTRY 49: pp. 1163-1179. (2011)
  • G Szederkényi. Computing sparse and dense realizations of reaction kinetic systems. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL CHEMISTRY 47: pp. 551-568. (2010)