(Bio)Process Engineering group, IIM-CSIC


The staff of the (Bio)Process Engineering Group at IIM-CSIC (Vigo, Spain) performs research in the area of Bioprocess Engineering, namely regarding the mathematical modelling and computer-aided simulation, optimization and controlof:

  • unit operations and processes in the bio-industries (e.g. food and biotechnology) 
  • bio-systems (systems biology, synthetic biology) 


Regarding optimization, the group has extensive experience in global optimization of complex systems, using both deterministic and stochastic approaches, including evolutionary computation techniques.


Regarding control, the group is developing methods for observation, identification and robust nonlinear control with applications in distributed process systems and (bio)chemical process plants.

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Latest software

17 April 2013
MIDER toolbox is now available
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February 2013
MEIGO toolbox is available
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BioProcess Engineering Group
C/Eduardo Cabello 6
36208 Vigo (SPAIN)


E-mail: gingproc@iim.csic.es

E-mail: gingproc@iim.csic.es

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