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(Bio)Process Engineering Group

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Research interests

As part of the (Bio)Process Engineering Group at IIM-CSIC my research lines focus on the mathematical modelling and computer-aided simulation, optimization and control of unit operations and processes in the bio-industries (e.g. food and biotechnology).
In this context I have been working in the development of simulation and optimization techniques intended to real time optimization of non-linear dynamic systems:
- Reduced order modelling for distributed parameter systems by using spectral methods such as those based on the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition approach.
- Second order deterministic methods for dynamic optimization (open loop optimal control), based on the computation of full or projected exact second order sensitivities.
- Hybrid global-local optimization methods with global convergence properties for dynamic optimization.
More recently I became interested in parametric model identification including identifiability analisys, model calibration and experimental design. In this context, I am particularly interested in handling large scale dynamic systems such as those usually found in systems biology.
The implementation of computer aided process engineering tools is a secondary goal of my research efforts.

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